Homeowners Association Law

Moretz Law Group, P.A. is a business and real estate law law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina and has one of the largest community association law practices in North and South Carolina. We call our Community Association Law Practice Group “HOA Ninjas” because we know the secrets of keeping HOAs out of trouble and rescuing them from evil.

We represent hundreds of residential, commercial and condominium associations throughout the Carolinas, and also help developers, homeowners and management companies create new HOAs and fix problems in existing HOAs. (We don’t represent individual homeowners against their HOAs.) Our Ninjas use their special skills and many years of experience to provide practical, real-world advice and documentation that helps our HOAs operate with zen-like efficiency, stay peaceful and resolve disputes harmoniously.

Real Estate

Moretz Law Group, P.A. offers a wide range of services related to commercial real estate in North Carolina and South Carolina. We represent all types of parties in real estate transactions, including buyers, sellers, investors, lenders, contractors and developers. We have many years of experience in handling complex real estate transactions throughout the Charlotte metro area. 

Our services cover all types of commercial real estate transactions and development:

Real estate development issues of all kinds

  • Commercial real estate purchases, sales and loan closings

  • Real estate leasing and finance

  • Rezoning and land use issues

  • Subdivision approvals

  • Construction contracts and disputes

  • Construction lien enforcement

  • 1031 or "like-kind" exchanges

  • Setting up LLCs and other development entities

  • As commercial real estate specialists, we do not handle routine residential real estate closings, but do represent residential developers, and can assist with lease-purchase transactions or in real estate disputes

  • Eminent domain and condemnation law

  • Municipal affairs and lobbying

  • Property owners associations

  • Stormwater and utility issues

Business Transactions

  • Non-profit corporations

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Partnership agreements

  • Operating agreements

  • Homeowners and condominium associations

  • Financing

At Moretz Law Group, P.A. we focus on practical legal advice, and believe that knowing and understanding our clients' business goals is the best way to provide practical advice that helps them make money and reduce risks. With today's regulatory environment, most successful businesses need an experienced business attorney on the team. Our firm's business law services cover a wide range of business formation, transactions and operations:

  • Business contracts of all kinds

  • Buying, selling and financing businesses

  • Buying, selling and financing real estate

  • Partnership agreements and disputes

  • Buy-sell agreements

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Employment law and human resources issues

  • Noncompete agreements

  • Collection of business debts

  • S corporations

  • Limited liability companies ("LLCs")

  • Sole proprietorships

  • Property owners associations