Public Health Law

We have been privileged to serve in the past as general counsel to Cabarrus Health Alliance, the public health authority for Cabarrus County. CHA is one of the largest and most innovative health departments in the nation, and is the only one of its kind in North Carolina, being independent rather than a part of county government as all other health departments in North Carolina are. Representing a health department requires a wide variety of expertise, including assisting with litigation, subpoena and testimony issues, contractual matters, employment law matters, and local government issues, as well as more specific concerns such as HIPAA and electronic health record compliance issues. We have attended the North Carolina Public Health Directors Legal Conference each of the past two years and enjoy assisting with the many varied legal issues that confront local health departments. Marjorie Benbow has a master's degree in public health in addition to her law degree and master's in business administration degree, which makes her especially suited to assisting local health departments.